[Online Workshop] Brazilian Music in the Context of Electronic Music Production

With Chico Correa e João Milet Meirelles

This course aims to encourage the discussion of Brazilian music within the context of electronic music production. The vast and diverse world of Brazilian music – traditional and contemporary – will be discussed and how it is (or can be) translated to the electronic production universe.

Chico Correa and João Milet Meirelles will unravel their creative processes in beat creation and music production within their various projects. Chico and João are both from northeastern Brazil and have been building solid careers in pop, independent and experimental music.

The course will be online and will last 12 hours divided into 4 weekly lessons. There is no DAW or gear restriction on the part of students. The idea here is to convey techniques and concepts that can be widely explored by participants in their own systems and workflows.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1 (07 August)

  • Presentation

    • Key concepts

    • Some local rhythms used

    • Similarities between some local genres with the international pop universe

    • Regions of brazil and their musical differences

Lesson 2 (14 August)

Chico Correa open projects

  • Discussion about creative and technical processes of several productions on his career

Lesson 3 (21 August)

João open projects

  • Discussion about creative and technical processes of several productions on his career

Lesson 4 (28 August)

Collective creation exercise from the packs provided in the course.


Chico Correa (Esmeraldo Marques), music producer focused on northeastern Brazilian music and electronics. Acting with his Live Pa, he toured several festivals in Europe, such as Fusion, Womex, Medfest, Babel Med, Mundial Festival, les Escales, Europalia. Rooster artist for the French Label helicomusic.com, he produces film and dance soundtracks, as well as ambient electronic work and remixes. He has already collaborated with the groups Cabruera, BaianaSystem, Totonho e os Cabra, currently conducting the Berra Boi, Surra de Rima and Seu Pereira e Coletivo 401.

João Meirelles is a composer, music producer, live electronics performer and photographer. Since 2010 he has been developing his authorial work Infusion-project of musical performances and compositions through improvisation. Since 2012 he has been doing live electronics at Baiana System, a band with an impact on the Brazilian and international independent music scene. Composer of several soundtracks, João composes and directs music for the arts of the body, performing arts, cinema/animation and concerts. His recent works in Music Production are the albums “Olho de Vidro” by Jadsa and “Sistema Integrado Percussivo” by Japa System. In 2020 he launched Taxidermia Vol.1, a project in partnership with composer Jadsa. Graduated in composition and master in musical interpretation and creation by EMUS-UFBA, he currently teaches free courses in music production.

Dates: 07th, 14th, 21th & 28th August

2-5pm (NYC)
3-6pm (Brazil)
7-10pm (Brussels)
Local: Sympla Straming
Price: R$ 600
Combo Workshops
(Brazilian Music Production + MUSIC PRODUCTION: THE CRUCIAL BITS )
R$ 1000
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